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We welcome applications for membership from practitioners, students, and members of the public as well as organisations who have an interest in homeopathy and integrative medicine.


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What is AHIMA?

Founded in 1982, The Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA) is the state medical association for licensed homeopathic and integrative medicine physicians in Arizona and nationwide.

AHIMA’s licensed homeopathic and integrative medical physicians understand that people are looking for choices in their medical care. For acute care medicine, drugs and surgery generally work very well. For other more chronic conditions, or simply for health maintenance, drugs and surgery are not the best choices. Nor are they the only choices, although they are often presented as the only options. 

Welcome applications for membership from practitioners, students, and members of the public as well as organisations who have an interest in homoeopathy and integrative medicine.

If you answer Yes to these, homeopathic and integrative medicine might be for you

My tests are normal but I still feel sick.

My doctor says my illness is stress related but I think it's more.

I take my medicine, but I don't feel better - in fact, I feel worse.

I know there's "natural" cures, but I don't know where to find.

I have chronic pain and told to live with it or take pain killer.

I wonder if the drugs I am taking are right for me.


5 million

The 2018 survey reported that 5 million adults and 1 million children used homeopathic medicine in the previous year.


30 000

There are about 3000 medicines and 10 variable potencies of each medicine so a minimum of 30,000 various permutation and combinations can be utilized.



of the overall population of healthcare providers prescribe homeopathic medicines in France.

In the Spotlight - Dr. Martha M. Grout

Martha M. Grout of the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine is dedicated to the natural treatment of cancer, Lyme disease, diabesity (cardiometabolic), irritable bowel and other chronic diseases.

“American mainstream medicine is wonderful in acute emergency situations, but for chronic diseases brought on by genetics, diet and lifestyle, allopathic medicine is not much help. I do not see that pharmaceutical medicine helps people heal from chronic illness.”

– Dr. Martha Grout

(480) 418-0220

Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine - Scottsdale

10210 N 92nd St, Suite 104, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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