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Come join AHIMA, the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association.  We are the state medical association for Arizona’s Licensed Homeopathic and Integrative Physicians, like-minded professionals, and members of the public.

About Us

Here in Arizona, we are fortunate to have an independent holistically oriented Medical Board:  The Arizona Board of Homeopathic & Integrated Medical Examiners.  We license MD’s and DO’s who practice homeopathy and integrative medicine.

The Board is composed of licensed Homeopathic / Integrative physicians and members of the public.  It is imperative to have individuals well versed in homeopathy and integrative medicine sit on our Board.    

What is AHIMA?

AHIMA is a state medical society that supports an independent state licensing medical board. The Arizona Homeopathic and Integrated Medical License, gives you credibility and licensure.

It shows you completed additional training and passed an examination that qualifies you to practice integrative, holistic and alternative medicine; enabling you to practice the way you believe, to give ultimate patient care.

Your support annual supports our mission to promote the art and practice of homeopathy and integrative medicine. It supports our lobbying efforts to keep homeopathic medicine safe, legal and available to patients.

Not only does AHIMA retain a lobbyist to protect our legislative interests, we offer monthly education and networking opportunities. Our monthly educational sessions are available online and are recorded.


Support our mission to promote and support the art and practice of homeopathic/integrative medicine.
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We welcome applications for membership from practitioners, students, and members of the public as well as organisations who have an interest in homoeopathy and integrative medicine.


Fast Track Program


Work with one of our physicians to prepare you for the examination and licensure.


Corporate Membership


Help support Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine. Access to unique marketing opportunities. Please contact us for more information.


Medical Student


Help support Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine.


Supportive Member, Member of the Public


Help support Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine.


In state Active/Licensed Homeopathic Physician


For licensed in state physicians.


Associate Member, Other Licensed Professional


For licensed professionals, non physicians.


Patient Auxiliary


For patients that want to support our cause.


Out of state Active/ Licensed Homeopathic Physician


For licensed homeopathic and integrative medicine physicians that are out of state.


Associate Member Plus


12 month membership + one of our current licensed members will spend time with you, to help you prepare for the examination.

You also get a full listing in our Search database.

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For any questions regarding AHIMA, membership, or our doctors, please contact us.