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Aug 31
Free Homeopathy Summit

Join us for a FREE worldwide homeopathy event. With 68 sessions delivered by 42…

Aug 03
Influenza-1918: Homeopathy To The Rescue

The New England Journal of HomeopathySpring/Summer 1998, Vol.7 No.1 The following is…

Jul 26
Cleaning Up Alternative Medicine’s Mess

Not long ago, someone asked me for guidance on one of those infrequent but memorable…

Jul 21
Treating Covid-19 with Homoeopathy

Dr. Rajan Sankaran shares his method of differentiating three different levels of…

Jul 14
Treat the Plant, Not the Pest!

Nothing is more exciting for a gardener than to see the rewards of their labor bring…

Jul 12
Homeopathy and COVID-19

While doctors believe that only a sophisticated new drug or vaccine will beat the…

Jul 10
Dr. Richard Bartlett on a cure for Covid 19

Discover of treatment for COVID. Dr. Richard Bartlett

Jul 07
How Far Would You Go to Avoid Vaccinating Your Child?

Is it possible that individuals are in fact not representative of the entire…

Jun 30
SW Diabetes Symposium

Part 1 – some 500 physicians and other practitioners gathered in Scottsdale, AZ to…

Jun 20
The Case for Homeopathic Microbial Remedies in Everyday Medical Practice by Dr. Kirk Slagel

Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association meeting. Dr. Kirk Slagel…