Dr. Ruth Tan Lim Gives Commencement Speech at SCNM

I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest Naturopathic Colleges in this country. Naturopathic Medicine in North America can be traced back to Dr. Benedict Lust, in New York, which graduated its first class of naturopathic practitioners in 1902.

David was in a COMA, required 3 airplane seats, needed IV therapy and oxygen.

We flew with his family from Singapore to Frankfurt and then NY city. He was accepted for treatment as a research case at the famous Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. David was there for one month and he then passed on. It was a “SPECIAL EXPEREINCE” for me when I saw the hospital and the large institution. I decided to ask David’s Doctor a pediatric researcher and Oncologist for a job. She advised me to first get a green card- I did – it took me six months. I returned to NYC in February of 1975. This began my American Journey. Now I have been in this country for 44 years. The next 5 years were not easy. I did research, residency, then fellowship in pediatric hematology oncology, took many exams including licensing exams ( I hardly saw the sun, only work and study.)