Lisa E. Platt

Lisa Platt


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Lisa E. Platt

Looking back, I did not realize my first experience with homeopathy was taking a homeopathic remedy.  After a fun night of overindulging in fine food and wine, my friend said, “take some of these, you won’t get hungover.  I got them from my doctor.”  I don’t remember if I had a hangover or not.  I did arrive on time at traffic school the next morning and earned an “A” for my efforts. 

I often feel I was a homeopath in a previous life.  I am not a practitioner, yet there is something about homeopathy that feels natural to me.  A series of friendships led me to meeting one of our licensees.  Through that licensee, I met AHIMA.  I recently started a personal concierge business that grew into helping solopreneurs run their business.  Providing support for AHIMA was a natural fit.

I believe in our mission.  I believe individuals should have a say in their health care choice.

I’ve seen the doctor on my health care plan.  I was one of several who arrived in the waiting room 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment.  I saw the doctor run from one exam room to the next, probably seeing 12 to 16 patients an hour while trying his best to help.  And, I’ve seen the homeopathic physician who spends more time with his or her patients doing their best to give optimal care.

 I don’t believe in cookie cutter medicine.  I believe we need choices.  What works for me, may or may not work for you, and what works for you, may or may not work for me. 

In the process of advocating for our profession, I’ve learned how the legislative process works.  I believe in the fight for “Freedom of Choice in Medicine.”  I work with the Association part-time, own a women’s networking organization and am a business coach. 

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