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Ultra-diluted Toxicodendron pubescens attenuates proinfammatory cytokines and ROSmediated neuropathic pain in rats

by in Blog November 6, 2018

Despite the availability of multiple therapeutic agents, the search for novel pain management of neuropathic pain is still a challenge.Oxidative stress and inflammatory signaling are prominently involved in clinical manifestation of neuropathic pain. Toxicodendron pubescens, popularly known as Rhus Tox (RT) is recommended in alternative medicines as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic remedy. Earlier, we reported […]

Want to Research Homeopathy? Check out the Green Med Info Database

by in Blog September 18, 2018

Submitted by Dr. Martha Grout, MD, MD(H) For anyone interested in learning more about the research into homeopathy, there is an easy way to start – through the Green Med Info database. And for a history of homeopathy, and some other information, check out our website: Happy researching! And if you are of the opinion that […]