Diversity of Opinion

by in Blog March 22, 2019

You can learn much more from someone who disagrees with you than you can from someone with whom you agree. Give yourself the courage and intelligence to do so.

Viewpoints different from your own will not harm you. They mostly have great potential to enlighten you.

Why wouldn’t you want to know in detail how other people feel, what others are thinking? There’s no good reason to wall yourself off from the great diversity of opinion that exists in the world.

Your own opinions become more refined, more useful, more aligned to reality when they are challenged. There is much power in giving consideration to things you’ve never before considered.

No two people have exactly the same perspective. That dynamic gives incalculable richness to the experience of life.

Rather than making assumptions about those you disagree with, seek to make connections. Rather than battling over divisiveness, reap great benefits from the diversity of opinion available to you.

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