Do You Know Your Toothpaste Ingredients?

Do You Know Your Toothpaste Ingredients?

by in Blog September 26, 2018

Great information on toothpaste ingredients courtesy of Dr. Nicholas Meyer, DDS, Author, The Holistic Dental Matrix.

Most of us have grown up and perhaps even still, believing that fluoride is a necessity for strong and healthy teeth. It is a topic that is brought up by patients in my office almost on a daily basis. But the daily use of fluoride, by choice, and even indirectly through the drinking water or foodstuff, is not something that I condone as good health practice.

Dr Nicholas Meyer

The Harms of Flouride
Dr. Nicholas Meyer, DDS

Here we will discuss the health implications of fluoride on the body. If you are looking for a complete history on how the fluoridation of our water came to be, please check out Chapter 3 in The Holistic Dental Matrix for an indepth look at its history.

The International Academy of Medicine and Toxicology has a great resource for the issues that fluoride causes, ranging from: Dental Fluorosis to Bone Disease, from Thyroid dysfunction to Neurotoxic effects to name a few.

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