Meet the Doctors

Dr. Edward Kondrot
author of The 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight.
Dr. James Lemire
discussing functional medicine and the Himalayan Salt Room.
Dr. Dorothy Merritt
discussing the removal of lead for optimal health.
Dr. Jerry Tennant
discussing healing is voltage.
Dr. Charles Schwengel
discussing a unique approach to treating cancer with nutrition.
Dr. Mike Margolis
discussing the danger of mercury amalgams and root canals.
Dr. Frank Shallenberger
teaching about the treatment of Ozone Therapy.
Dr. Mark Starr
author of Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic.
Dr. David Nebbeling
discussing healing the body by first looking at the structure.
Dr. Robert Rowen
leading medical journalist and expert on oxidative treatments.
Dr. Karl Robinson
leading homeopathic doctor.
Dr. David Steenblock
a leading stem cell expert.
Dr. Abram Ber
co-founder of the Arizona Homeopathic Board.
Dr. Dennis Courtney
discussing treatment tripod.
Dr. Garry Gordon
the leader in chelation therapy.
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
author of over eight books on nutrition.
Dr. Nick Meyer
teaching the importance of dental health.
Dr. Lee Cowden
discussing effective methods for detoxifying the body.
Dr. Ruth Tan Lim
integrative pediatrician discussing keeping our children healthy.
Dr. Bruce Shelton
discussing complex homeopathy for treating disease.